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Campfire Class with a Twist:Maple Bacon S’moresrecipe

Campfire Class with a Twist:
Maple Bacon S’mores


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Campfire S’more Browniesrecipe

Campfire S’more Brownies


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Vanilla Marshmallows And Honey Graham Crackers


I’m not sure which was swooned over more in the homemade s’mores lineup: the cinnamon-sugar-flecked graham crackers made with local honey or the bouncy, vanilla-spiked marshmallows. I served these nostalgic treats, cooked over an open fire in our backyard, at Jason’s birthday party earlier this month.

You’d never know it from the pictures, but when I first pulled the graham crackers out of the oven, they looked dark, too dark, and I feared they were overdone. I panicked at the thought of having to serve adorable yet slightly charred graham crackers.

I was overreacting, but truth be told, had they browned more than I liked I probably would not have mentioned it to our guests, as I subscribe to Julia Child’s philosophy on such matters. In her autobiography, she advises readers to never apologize for what they cook. Julia contends that despite your perceived shortcomings at the dinner table, the meal will likely be plenty enjoyed and appreciated by your guests. If not? Oh well, there are more important things to worry about in life.

In my kitchen, unless smoke is billowing out of the oven, there are few apologies.  I think Julia is right: If we invest our time, our resources, our money, our energy into making food for others, we need to just relax, zip our lips and serve it.

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S’more Sex Cakerecipe

S’more Sex Cake


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S’more Chocolate Potsrecipe

S’more Chocolate Pots